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Engr. Anna Elaine D. Matanguihan

Email: admatanguihan@up.edu.ph
Room: Biofuels

ANNA ELAINE D. MATANGUIHAN is a licensed chemical engineer, obtaining both her BS and MS degree from the University of the Philippines Los Baños. She finished her MS Degree in Chemical Engineering with Minor in Economics, taking up units in macroeconomics, microeconomics, econometrics, and economic valuation of environmental and natural resource system. Since 2014, she has worked as a researcher in the Department of Chemical Engineering, UPLB, in areas involving the biofuels and other commodities for the technical, economic, and environmental assessments. She had also an experience in a microbiology lab where she was involved in culturing microalgae, using PCR for DNA sequencing, and later on transforming the laboratory-cultured species in a pilot scale bioreactors.

Engr. Matanguihan has been a consultant to several projects for the Department of Agriculture – Bureau of Agricultural Research, the U.S. Grains Council, Sugar Regulatory Administration, Rice Straw Innovations and Innovate UK, and other private entities.

She has seven refereed journal publications and has been an invited speaker to the Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers provincial symposium. She has also presented papers in the National PIChE symposium and Philippine Sugar Technologists Association, Inc. Annual National Convention. She has occasionally delivered lectures to MS Environmental Science students to the use of software for life cycle assessment. She is the key person for process and LCA software usage in the department, including Aspen Plus, Aspen HYSYS, SugarsTM for Windows, Sima Pro, and Gabi. Her current research interests involve utilizing these softwares to link the industry and the academe.

Research Interests:Life Cycle Assessment, Biofuels, Sugar Production, Process and LCA Simulations, Carbon Tax, Technical, Economic, and Environmental Assessments

Academic History

BS Chemical Engineering, University of the Philippines Los Baños, 2013

MS Chemical Engineering, Minor in Economics, University of the Philippines Los Baños, 2020

selected publications

Demafelis RB, Alcantara, A, Movillon J, Espaldon MV, Pacardo E, Flavier M, Magadia BT, and Matanguihan AED. 2020. “Sugarcane Bioethanol Processing Plant in the Philippines: Energetics and Water Inventory.” Journal of Environmental Science and Management Vol 23(2): 80-88. School of Environmental Science and Management, UPLB. https://ovcre.uplb.edu.ph/journals-uplb/index.php/JESAM/article/view/454

Matanguihan AED, Demafelis RB, Martinez-Goss M, Nacorda JOO, Torreta NK, Sanchez DES, Cuneta LF, Eleazar EM, and Dizon LSH. “Design, Fabrication, and Performance Evaluation of Open Raceway Ponds for the Cultivation of Chlorella vulgaris Beijerinck in the Philippines.” Philippine Journal of Science Vol 149(2) June 2020: 379-388. Philippines: Department of Science and Technology. https://philjournalsci.dost.gov.ph/publication/regular-issues/past-issues/97-vol-149-no-2-june-2020/1192-design-fabrication-and-performance-evaluation-of-open-raceway-ponds-for-the-cultivation-of-chlorella-vulgaris-beijerinck-in-the-philippines

Eleazar PJM, Demafelis RB, Matanguihan AED, Tongko-Magadia BD, Gatdula KM, and Predo CD. 2017. “Knowledge, Attitude, and Perception and Willingness-To-Pay Survey for Imposing Carbon Tax in the Philippines.” Philippine Journal of Crop Science December 2017, 42(3):1-11. Philippines: Crop Science Society of the Philippines

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Obligado AB, Demafelis RB, Matanguihan AED, Villancio VT, Magadia Jr RV, and Manaig LMA. 2017. “Carbon Emission Inventory of a Commercial-Scale Jatropha (Jatropha curcas L.) Biodiesel Processing Plant.” Journal of Environmental Science and Management Special Issue 1-2017: 20-32 ISSN 0119-1144. Philippines: School of Environmental Science and Management

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Matanguihan AED, Dionisio-Sese ML, and Martinez-Goss MR. 2014. “Combined Effect of CO2-Enrichment and Shaking on the Growth of Nostoc commune Vaucher (Cyanobacteria).” Special Issue on Microalgae. Philippines: The Philippine Scientist, University of San Carlos ISSN 0079-1466