faculty & staff

dr. Butch G. Bataller

Email: bgbataller@up.edu.ph
Room: CEAT Building A-122

Dr. Butch G. Bataller teaches chemical engineering process equipment design, plant design and economics, fluid dynamics, transport phenomena, unit operations, and introduction to chemical engineering. He graduated cum laude (BS ChE) and recipient of the Academic Excellence Award (MS ChE specializing in Pollution Engineering). He also completed his PhD degree in Biological and Agricultural Engineering at the Texas A&M University. His works and research interests are in bioenergy, biofuels, and high value products from biological sources. He has also done various feasibility studies for the commercialization of biofuels in the Philippines.

Research Interests:  Biofuels, High value products from biomass, Process equipment design and testing

Academic History

BS Chemical Engineering, University of the Philippines Los Baños, 2007

MS Chemical Engineering, Specialization in Pollution Engineering, University of the Philippines Los Baños, 2014

PhD Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Texas A&M University, 2018

selected publications

DAD Genuino, BG Bataller, SC Capareda, and MDG de Luna. 2017. Application of Artificial Neural Network in the Modeling and Optimization of Humic Acid Extraction from Municipal Solid Waste Biochar. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, Volume 4:4101-4107.


AA Pector, JL Movillon, BG Bataller, EJN Baticados. 2017. Parametric Study on the Effect of Cogeners on Molecular Sieve Dusting during Ethanol Dehydration. Journal of Environmental Science and Management, Vol 20, Special Issue 1, pp. 12-19.


BG Bataller and SC Capareda. 2018. A Rapid and Non-Destructive Method for Quantifying Biomolecules in Spirulina platensis via Fourier Transform Infrared – Attenuated Total Reflectance Spectroscopy. Algal Research 32:341-352.


Dizon LSH, Pector AA, Demafelis RB, Badayos RB, Elepano AR, Dorado MA, Bataller BG, Baticados EJN, Gatdula KM, Obligado FB. 2020. Environmental and Economic Viability of Biodiesel Production from the Philippines. PIChE Journal. 19(1): 35-42.


BG Bataller and SC Capareda. 2020. Use of FTIR Spectroscopy and PLS-Regression in Monitoring Biomolecules in Spirulina platensis during its Growth in an Internally-Illuminated Photobioreactor. Chemical Engineering Transactions, 90:103-108.

Courses Taught

ChE 192 – Chemical Process Equipment Design

ChE 193 – Plant Design and Economics

ChE 147 – Applications of Fluid Mechanics in Chemical Engineering

ChE 149 – Transport Phenomena

ChE 31 – Basic Chemical Engineering Calculations

ChE 155 – Unit Operations Laboratory I

ChE 156 – Unit Operations Laboratory II

ChE 204 – Mathematical Methods in Chemical Engineering Analysis