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Email: dosantiago@up.edu.ph
Room: ChE Room 1

aP. Denise Ester O. Santiago is an assistant professor of Chemical Engineering. She teaches major subjects such as Transport Phenomena, Transfer Operations I & II and Unit Operations Laboratory I &II. Her main research areas are related to biofuels from microalgae. She received her MS in Environmental and Biotechnology Engineering from Myongji University, South Korea.

Research Interests: Materials Engineering, Food Engineering, Biomass Utilization to High Value Products

Google Scholar URL: https://scholar.google.com/citations?hl=en&user=BEiimrcAAAAJ

Academic History

BS Chemical Engineering, University of the Philippines Los Baños, 2006

MS in Environmental Engineering and Biotechnology, Myongji University, 2010

PhD in Chemical Engineering, University if the Philippines Diliman, ongoing

selected publications

Refereed Journals

  1. Matanguihan AED, Demafelis RBD, Goss MM, Nacorda JOO, Torreta NK, Sanchez DES, Cuneta LF, Eleazar EMP, Dizon LSH. (2020). Design, Fabrication and Performance Evaluation of Open Raceway Pomds for the Cultivation of Chlorella vulgaris Beijerinck in the Philippines. Philippine Journal of Science. 149(2): 383-392. ISSN 0031-7683.
  2. Gatdula KM, Demafelis RB, Movillon JL, Sanchez DES, Hourani KA, Magadia RV Jr. 2018. Energetics and Environmental Assessment of a Commercial Scale Bioethanol Processing Plant using Sargassum Philippine Journal of Crop Science (PJCS), 43 (Special Issue): 9-20.
  3. Santiago DEO, Pajarito BB, Aparre MJA, Biolena KJE, and Condez YCW. (2016) Ambient Blooming Behavior and Mechanical Properties of Vulcanized Natural Rubber Loaded with Non-ionic Surfactants. Diffusion Foundations, Trans Tech Publications 9: 90-99.
  4. Santiago DEO, Pajarito BB, Mangaccat WFF, Tigue MRM and Tipton MT. (2016) Effect of Bentonite Modification on Hardness and Mechanical Properties of Natural Rubber Nanocomposites. AIP Conference Proceedings 1736, 020047.
  5. Santiago DEO and Pajarito BB. (2016) Parametric Study of Silica Precipitation from Geothermal Brine. Key Engineering Materials, Trans Tech Publication 705: 121-125.

Courses Taught

ChE 41– Chemical Process Industries

ChE 149 – Transport Phenomena

ChE 153 – Transfer Operations I

ChE 154 – Transfer Operations II

ChE 155 – Unit Operations Laboratory I

ChE 156 – Unit Operations Laboratory II

ChE 200 – Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Thesis

CHE 243 – Advanced Transport Phenomena