Meet the new Chair of the Department

Posted: December 21, 2018

Meet the new Chair of the Department of Chemical Engineering-CEAT-UPLB: Monet Concepcion Maguyon-Detras, PhD. Dr. Detras, or Ma’am Monet as she is fondly called, is the new Chair of the Department of Chemical Engineering, CEAT-UPLB. It is a happy coincidence that her appointment as Chair started on Sept. 1, 2018 – her birthday!

A UPLB alumna, a licensed Chemical Engineer, and Asst. Prof. 6, Ma’am Monet graduated with a degree in B.S. in Chemical Engineering, cum laude in 2004. About 14 ½ years after graduation, God has immensely blessed her with a young family of a very supportive husband (Jeff) and 2 wonderful kids (IJ & KL); degrees in MS in Chemical Engineering with Academic Excellence Award (from UPLB) and PhD in Biological and Agricultural Engineering (from Texas A&M University); 10 refereed publications; 23 paper presentations (local and international); a professorial chair; 6 completed research projects, and 2 on-going projects on various areas of Chemical Engineering (e.g. waste-to-energy; wastewater treatment, bio-oil production from pyrolysis of algal biomass, nanofertilizers).

Add to such long list of endowments – her great passion to accomplish the set vision, mission and plans for the department, which at different times, have been laid down by her predecessors, and inspired by the past and present UPLB administrators. What are these dreams and plans? Among others, these include the future elevation of the department to an institute level, with active, excellent and honorable faculty, staff, and students amidst great learning resources: relevant curricular programs, well-equipped research and student laboratories housed in green buildings, and installed with appropriate waste treatment facilities.

It may be a “long haul”, so- to- speak, but with her intelligence, youthful energy and determination, she can surely steer one of the largest academic units of CEAT, to greater heights of success, that is, with the full cooperation of the department faculty (22), REPS (4), administrative staff (2), about 600 students, and with equal support from the UPLB administrators.

Written by: Prof. JL Movillon

Edited by: MV Migo-Sumagang

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