UPLB ranks 2nd top performing school; 2019 CEAT valedictorian Chester Tantoco places 3rd in the November 2019 ChE Licensure Exam

Written by: MVP Migo-Sumagang
Edited by: MCM Detras
Posted: November 30, 2019

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) released the much-awaited results of the November 2019 Chemical Engineering Licensure Exam last 27th of November, 2019, just barely two days after the board examinations. The overall national performance was 71.41%. UP Los Baños (86.67% passing rate) placed 2nd in the school rankings with 50 or more examinees, after UP Diliman.

Taking the licensure examination is one of the biggest pressures of a chemical engineering graduate. Recent board examinee and UPLB DChE graduate, Engr. Chester Jules Tantoco, shares “I will admit that studying at least 5-year worth of information compressed into 5 months was indeed stressful. However, no man is an island. I was able to draw inspiration from friends, support from parents and guidance from mentors. It was a distributed load, I would say, and we knew it has less “destructive” effects than a concentrated load.” Engr. Tantoco placed top 3 in this year’s board examinations. He was also magna cum laude and the CEAT valedictorian of his batch. 

When asked how he motivated himself for the board exams Engr. Tantoco shares, “the personal goal of achieving the title “engineer” remained to be my main motivation, with an elevated level of enthusiasm compared when I was an undergraduate. With a step closer on being an active contributor in our society, it was easier for me to prepare for the board exam – reviewing lessons daily, answering problems on reference books from time to time, and keeping myself busy whenever possible – all of these were not a burden because of the purpose embedded in mind.

Lastly, his advice for the next board examinees: “it has always been my life mantra – give everything you have and do whatever you can in accomplishing a task. The bigger your goal, the higher is at stake, the more motivated you should be. If times come that you’re losing confidence in yourself, always remember that you have come this far, never let that golden moment slip off your hands. Be eager to study, don’t wait until several months before the big day, and push yourself past your limits. Moreover, when you need assistance, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Lastly, once you have given your best, let God do the rest – trust Him in times of doubt and seek constant guidance. This is the ultimate formula for your ultimate dream!

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aProf. MVP Migo-Sumagang would like to thank Engr. Chester Tantoco for the online interview.