ONLINE FORMS & DocumentS Processing


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Please contact the concerned faculty directly via email.

The list of email addresses are found here.

Please fill out this google form

1) Get your COI forms.

For BS students, get your COI forms from:

For MS students, get your COI forms from:

2) Find out the name of the Faculty-in-Charge (FIC) from this list.

  • ChE 180 – AProf. RP Eusebio
  • ChE 185 – aProf. JZ Alcantara
  • ChE 191 – Prof. VP Migo
  • ChE 199 – Prof. VP Migo
  • ChE/SUTC 200 – Your adviser
  • ChE 243 – AProf. MCM Detras
  • ChE 245 – aProf. MC Del Barrio
  • ChE 272 – aProf. JZ Alcantara
  • ChE 283 – Prof. CG Alfafara
  • ChE 286 – Prof. VP Migo
  • ChE 299 – Prof. VP Migo
  • ChE 300 – Your adviser

3) Find the email address of the FIC from the DChE Website, and send your COI to the FIC for signature. The list of email addresses are found here:

4) Upload the FIC-signed COI to DChE’s Google form: (no need to wait for the confirmation)

Submit your COI to CEAT OCS (BS Students)


Submit your COI to GS (MS Students)

As part of the department clearance process, please fill out this form:

Please follow this link for the college and university clearance steps:

Note that this process only applies for the following graduation candidates: 2nd sem 2019-2020, Midyear 2020 and 1st Sem 2020-2021. 

Faculty and Staff

Please fill out this google form

Please generate your permit through the UPLB OHMS website:

Please submit your article including a featured photo of the article to the DChE email for review.

Using the template, please submit the update to the DChE email.