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dr. jovita l. movillon

Email: jlmovillon@up.edu.ph

Dr. Movillon is a UP Professor Emeritus, a PRC Licensed Professional Sugar Technologist (No. 88); U.P. Professor 12 (SG 29/8) of the Department of Chemical Engineering, CEAT-UPLB. She earned her B.S. in Sugar Technology degree in 1973; worked as Research Asst. of Dr. Ramon L. Samaniego, Sept. 1, 1973-June 30, 1975 in the Sugar Tech Program (then jointly administered by CA and CAS); and   UPLB faculty member since July 1975.

She pursued her MS and PhD degrees, while teaching Sugar Tech. courses; serving as College Secretary, conducting research, e.g. NRCP-funded “Trichoderma protein production from sugarcane bagasse, pith and trash” (subsequently published and won the Best Technical Paper Award in the 1975 PHILSUTECH Convention). She also served as Assoc. Editor, then Editor of Crystallizer (The Technical Magazine for the Sugar Industry) until 1986. She transferred to CEAT during its foundation on Feb. 24, 1983, along with the Sugar Tech Program’s faculty, staff members and other resources, to form the Department of Chemical Engineering. She earned her graduate degrees: MS in Agronomy in 1977 (Major: Crop Physiology; Minor: Biochemistry), with a graduate thesis on “In vivo Inhibition of Sugarcane Invertase”; and PhD in Agronomy (Sugarcane Production) in 1986 ; with 2 Cognates: a) Production Economics; &, b) Marketing), with dissertation on “Economic Efficiency of 75 Sugarcane Farms in Canlubang Mill District, Philippines”.

She had continuing post-graduate training in several raw sugar factories and refineries (4X); & 8-month sugarcane JICA training in Okinawa, Japan; conducted chemical engineering research studies as a DOST-JSPS Exchange Scientist (4X) in Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan (one month each:1992-1999). She has authored 1 laboratory manual; authored /co-authored   43 refereed papers (30 ISI; 13 non-ISI), 4 lecture syllabi, 42 papers in proceedings, 42 technical posters, 7 papers in technical bulletins, 4 policy papers, 17 papers in non-refereed journals, and about 12 unpublished reference materials; delivered five (5) professorial chair lectures; presented several technical papers in local and international conferences, workshops & seminars;  co-authored  the book on “The Philippine  Biofuels Industry:  Defining the Strategic Directions” with Dr. R.F.  Rañola,  and  Dr. R.B. Demafelis;  and  “Chapter 20. The Carbon Footprint of Sugar Production in Eastern Batangas, Philippines” in the book entitled The Carbon Footprint Handbook.  Most of her publications  were results of her involvement in about 28 research projects as  project leader, study leader and  consultant, at any one time; and collaborations in several thesis advising (major adviser/panel member) of about 16 MS/PhD, and more than 700 BS students  during the last 48 years.

Research Interests: Sugar Technology (Sugarcane Production; Sugar Engineering; Cane By-Products   Utilization and Sucrochemistry; Sugar Laws & Economics; Waste Management); and Biofuels production (Bioethanol & Biodiesel) 

Academic History

B.S. Sugar Technology,  University of the Philippines Los Baños   

M.S. Agronomy (Major:  Sugarcane Physiology Minor:  Biochemistry, University of the Philippines Los Baños          

PhD  Agronomy (Major: Sugarcane Production), University of the Philippines Los Baños   

Post graduate research work in Chemical Engineering, as DOST-JSPS Exchange Scientist, Tokyo Institute of Technology      (Dec.1992;  Dec.1994 -Jan. 1995; Dec.1996 – Jan. 1997; &       Jan. –  Feb.1999  ); one month each, in 4 years.  

selected publications


Rañola, R.F.,  J.L. Movillon & R.B. Demafelis. 2015. The Philippine  Biofuels Industry: Defining the Strategic Directions. U. P. Los Baños & DA-BAR,  Phil. 199 pages.

Chapter in a Book

Mendoza, T.C., R.B. Demafelis, A.E.D. Matanguihan, J.A.S. Malabuyoc, R.V.Magadia, Jr., A. A. Pector, K. A. Hourani, L.M.A. Manaoig and J.L. Movillon. 2015. Chapter 20. The Carbon Footprint of Sugar Production in Eastern Batangas, Philippines (pp. 451-472)  in The Carbon Footprint Handbook  by Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu September 22, 2015 by CRC Press; https://www.crcpress.com/The-Carbon-Footprint-Handbook/Muthu/9781482262223#googlePreviewContainer; 533 pages.

Journal Articles, Refereed  (ISI-Refereed)

Senior Author

MOVILLON, J.L., S.A. VALENCIA, R.B. DEMAFELIS and E.V. MATIBAG. 2001. Direct Production of Activated Carbon from Coconut Shell Through Chemical Activation Using Ammonium Chloride.  The Philippine Agricultural Scientist. 84(3):297-303.

MOVILLON, J.L. , B. DEMAFELIS,  R. P. BAUTISTA, M.C.LACSA, M. C. VIRAY and K. J. CORDOVA. 2012.  Effects of Antioxidants Extracted From Leaves of “Banaba” (Lagerstroemia speciosa L.), Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana L.) and “Tsaang Gubat” (Ehretia microphylla L.) on the Oxidation Stability of Biodiesel from Jatropha curcas L. Philippine Journal of Crop Science (PJCS) April 2012, 37 (1):8-14. Copyright 2012, Crop Science Society of the Phil.

MOVILLON JL, ANGELES DE, SAMSON EG, OBLIGADO AB, CABAHUG RAM, TONGKO BD. 2015. Economic Viability of Sweet Sorghum in Increasing Farmers” Income by Utilizing the Marginal Lands of Panay Region. Philippine Journal of  Crop Science Special Issue, 40: 96-102.

Movillon, J.L , Guerrero, G.A.M. and Gatdula, K.M. 2019. Ethanol Fermentation of Sweet Sorghum SPV 422 (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench) Syrup. Philippine Journal  of Crop Science, 43: 35-41.



ABRIGO, C.S.,JR., L. MOVILLON, R.I. ACDA, S.A. VALENCIA, M.G.BORINES and S.L. GARCIANO. 2001.  Batch Fermentation of Corynebacterium glutamicum   from Sugarcane Muscovado Syrup for Lysine Production.  The Phil. Agricultural Scientist 84(3):291-296.

ABRIGO, C.S. JR. S.A. VALENCIA, L. MOVILLON, M.A. REBLORA and JOFELLE B. GASCON.  2001.  Stimulation of Ethanol Production by Maillard Reaction Products Using Different Yeast Concentrations.  The Phil. Ag. Scientist, 84(4):419-424.

VALENCIA, S.A., M.C. PASCUA and J.L. MOVILLON, H.G. BRAZA and M.A. REBLORA. 2001.  “Adsorption of Basic Rhodamine Red, Basic Methylene Blue, Reactive Procion Red, and Reactive Procion Blue Textile Dyes by Cornstalk.  The Phil. Ag. Scientist.  84(3):304-312.

ABRIGO, C.S., JR. L. MOVILLON, S.A. VALENCIA and K.V. RIVERA. 2002.      Recyling of Distillery Slops for Ethanol and Acetic Acid Production.  The Phil. Ag. Scientist 85(2):155-160.

ABRIGO, C.S., JR., L. MOVILLON, S.A. VALENCIA and E.E. CACAO.  2003. Research Note:  Production of second dipping fish sauce using distillery slops as diluent.  The Phil. Ag. Scientist 86(3):332-336.

Courses taught

ST 2

Technical Sugar Analysis

ST 11

Unit Operations I

ST 12

Unit Operations II

ST 13

Steam Engineering

ST 15


ST 21

Boiling House Operations

ST 114

Sugar Process Engineering

ST 170

Factory Chemical Control

SUTC 148 (172)

Sugar Analysis and   Factory Operations Control (Lecture)

SUTC 148 (172)-L

Sugar Analysis and   Factory Operations Control ( Laboratory )

SUTC 171 (151)

Sugarcane By-Products Utilization & Sucrochemistry  (Lecture)

SUTC 171 (151)-L

Sugarcane By-Products Utilization & Sucrochemistry ( Laboratory )

SUTC 154

Field &   Factory Operations   and  Processes (Lecture)

SUTC 154-Lab

Field &   Factory Operations   and  Processes ( Lab. )

ChE 299

Graduate Seminar

SUTC 185 (22)

Sugar Laws and Economics

ChE 153 (CEN53)

Transfer Operations

ChE 193 (CEN61)

Chemical Engineering   Plant Design (Lecture)

SUTC 181

Waste Management in the Sugar Industry

ChE 180

Agro-Industrial Waste Management

SUTC 170 (140)

Instrumentation and Process Control in the Sugar Factory

ChE 191

Special Topic: Developments   in Alternative Energy

SUTC 193 (120)

Sugar Technology   Plant Design (Lecture)

ChE 199

Undergraduate Seminar

ChE 284

Solid Waste Management